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Helping our community

Nu'man b. Bashir reported Allaah's Messenger (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying: The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, Fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever. Muslim Book 032, Number 6258

Many of you are already playing an active role in your community, by teaching salah to new shahadahs, having fundraisers to benefit the masjid or community programs, organizing outings for the children, planning the eid activities and much more.

Here are a few other suggestions one can do on their own, or join with a friend to lend a helping hand to those in your locale who may need just that.

Elder Care: Don't forget the oldest from amongst us! They may be in need of some help. Call  or drop by and see if you can:

  • Be good company,visit them, read some Islamic material and share some beneficial dialogue
  • Straighten up/clean their home
  • Organize their kitchen cabinets or paperwork
  • Go or take them food shopping
  • Pick up their prescriptions
  • Prepare a meal, enough for a few days. Be mindful of dietary needs.
  • Wash and comb their hair in a nice style
  • Many times an elderly sister cannot do basic things as easily, like cutting their nails
  • They may suffer from circulation problems and need a soft foot massage or pedicure
  • Arrange for transportation to doctor's appointments
  • Visit them when they are homebound, or in the hospital
  • Include them in gatherings

Please also remember the disabled and incarcerated!

Forms of Companionship : For the Shaykhs and elders: with respect to service and to carry out their needs.  For those of the same peer group and those of the ‘middle rank’: with sincere advice, giving what you have and being prepared to carry out their wishes.  For the students and younger ones: by guidance, teaching of manners, carrying out what knowledge demands, guidance to the manners of the Sunnah, rulings concerning the matters of the heart, and to guide them to develop good manners.

Abdullah al-Muraanee said:‘If you see one who is older than you, then show respect to him and if you see one who is younger than you, then show respect to him.’ So if you see one who is older – say ‘this person has preceded me in righteous deeds’ – therefore respect him.  And if you see one who is younger – say ‘I have preceded him in sins, evil manners and behavior.(1)

Pay attention to the youth:

  • Give them a moment of your time while their mother is attending to one of their siblings, while at the masjid or a conference
  • Organize Islamic gatherings and fun educational outings during eid and other times.
  • If you have children that are now married or moved away, gather all their Islamic books and audios and pass them on to another youth or donate to the masjid.
  • If you see a sale on personal CD or tape players, buy a few and give them as gifts, along with a Qu'raan tape/cd to encourage memorization.
  • Do some cooperative homeschooling. One sister teaches the children Arabic , the other conducts math lessons.

Don't forget to include your children in doing acts of charity! Teach them young.

General Suggestions

Cooking Circle: Prepare healthy meals for a family new to the community, someone who has recently had surgery or given birth. Even think of a family that may be under a lot of stress dealing with an illness, or an unmarried sister with children. This can give them time to handle some other affair of theirs.

"We care" list: Maintain an interest in new shahadah's and the elderly in your community. There can be a phone list of both, that rotates among the sisters.Weekly or bi-weekly calls can be made, just to give salaams and see if all is well with them. Sometimes people can be shy to call and say they are lonely, feeling discouraged about learning, hungry for both food and sisterhood, or ill and in need of duas. You can also stock up on cards, write a beautiful Islamic reminder, and include a number so the recipient can call back. Or just send an e-card!

Welcome Basket:  Make a small box that includes list of city masjid's with address, phone #'s, class information,add a list of halal markets and other Islamic stores/services in the area, a prayer schedule, a plant and or baked good and maybe an audio tape or cd.

Newsletter: With upcoming events, Islamic reminders, free item section, list of Muslim daycare or homeshool providers.

Organize summers camps for the children. Consider an Islamic weekend school, if there is not yet one in place for the youth in your area. Organize a playgroup, and take local outings to a wildlife refuge, the zoo, to pick fruit at an orchard, a factory tour. There are so many places you can take your children for a learning experience. Enhance this even more by incorporating an Islamic lesson from their experiences.

Hold flea markets, sell homemade baked goods, have a swap meet, fun days, sell candy, and handmade items, anything to help support the masjid and its programs for the Muslims.

Donate any well-cared for clothing , shoes, infant needs, small household items that you no longer use to the masjid, or list in newsletter. Or you can donate via this website.

Plan a fun day, perhaps after Jum'aah, and make it for the smaller children that that Ummi and Abi can have a few extra hours free to get extra stuff done.

Get a few sisters together after winter, and help a sister spring clean or get yard work done.

Make dua for the Muslims in their absence

What are you doing in your community? Share your suggestions.